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whitebite, a cloud computing consultancy based in Seville, is looking for people to join their marketing team as an inbound marketing consultant,  whose main focus will be on firstly developing our internal inbound marketing strategy in order to later use this experience as an inbound marketing consultant for clients.

  • The main tasks and responsibilities of the candidate would be:
    • To build a complete and coherent approach for integrating Digital Marketing into the general marketing strategy, and to design a marketing model oriented towards increasing sales, based on inbound marketing tools.
    • Accurately analysing clients? websites and processes quickly, to give personalised feedback and suggest improvements.
    • Providing on-page and off-page marketing recommendations based on confident, well-reasoned arguments.
    • Overseeing and carrying out simultaneous projects, according to strict deadlines and objectives.
    • Designing and carrying out training programmes to share your knowledge with our clients.

    • Necessary characteristics, knowledge & skills:

    • You?ll need some experience. Although some experience in company would be a big bonus, at the very least you?ll need a degree, most appropriately in marketing, communications or advertising.
    • You?ve got to love inbound marketing. I?m talking about social media, copywriting, lead generation, blogging, organic search engine optimisation,  email marketing, link building etc. We want you to eat, sleep and breathe it!

        • We?d like you to be good with people. Do you like explaining marketing to people? It?s all about inspiring people to do marketing the right way. Can you think of inspiring ways to teach customers to do online marketing?

    • Can you listen and learn? Obviously you?re going to bring lots to the table, but we are too - you need to learn quickly, adapt, and incorporate your knowledge directly into your way of working.

      • Initiative. If something isn?t right then say so - in fact, make it change. Such autonomy, ideas and initiative will make you very special to us.
      • Presentation. You?ll be representing the company, not only through consultation but through our website, blogging, newsletters and other various marketing mediums. Attention to detail is critical, and it?s starts with the CV you send us.
      • Do you understand search engine-friendly web design? Your input will influence our technical implementations.

      • What to expect:

      • Interesting work: Hopefully if you?re interested in this job then one of your loves in life is inbound marketing. Congratulations because you?ll be neck deep, 24 hours a day! You design our approach.
      • Information: inbound marketing is part of whitebite?s strategic vision both internally and as a customer service; you will be part of that, and privy to all the information that comes with it.
      • Visibility: at whitebite we like to share our achievements and successes - if you do well, we?ll praise you for it :).
      • Responsibility & involvement: first you?re going to be responsible for developing whitebite?s inbound marketing system. It?s got to be good, because with that experience you?ll be consulting with our clients on how they should develop their systems too.
      • Independence: We have an objective, but how you get there is up to you. You will have to dedicate time to researching the best way to get there then report back - together we?ll make the right decision. What?s more, whitebite is a flexible company; the important thing is that you get the job done, not where you do it or at what time of the day.
      • Support: No matter what your experience level is, it?s good to feel supported, and that you can discuss your decisions and where to go next.
      • A laugh!: We work for 40 hours a week! You?ve got to enjoy yourself!

      We?re within walking distance of the centre of Seville, and you can even get yourself a ?Sevici? - you?ll be here in 5-10 minutes. Remember, being a consultant means you?ll do a bit of travelling by car too although at the beginning you?ll surely be in the office some more while you?re picking things up. If you haven?t got a licence don?t worry, but if you do it?s definitely a bonus!

      whitebite started a couple of years back because we thought that people in the south of Spain were a bit behind, and that we could help people to enjoy their jobs a bit more through the use of technology, most notably in the cloud.

      We are Google Apps and Office 365 partners, but also deploy other online technology like CRMs (if you don?t know what it is, look it up :P) and other information sharing platforms too.

      Things are going well and we?re growing fast - there?s now about 15 of us in the office and we?d like to keep growing along with our clients, which is where you come in. Your hard work, and experience will contribute to the growth of an important branch of our business.

      Next Steps: This role will be demanding because you?re going to learn (and implement!) a lot in a very short period of time. This also makes it a fantastic opportunity for the right person (see above! :D).

      If everything you?ve read gets you all excited inside, then we?d love to talk. You could be our next Inbound Marketing Manager!

      . We look forward to hearing from you :).

      Empresa que solicita el puesto: Whitebite

      Tipo de Contrato: None

      Salario: 10.000
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      Fecha publicación: Hace 5 meses Ubicación: Sevilla (España) Área funcional: Otros Sector empresa: Recursos humanos

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